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Phoebe's Story

I have graduated with my Foundation Degree in Canine and Feline Behaviour and Training.

My passion is helping fearful dogs regain confidence and assisting them to integrate into family life using realistic management techniques, all of which are force free methods. 

I previously volunteered for the RSPCA as a dog walker, I also volunteered at my local Veterinary practice. I have worked at a kennel and cattery together with a livery yard. I am DBS checked and trained in pet first aid. I recently worked for a kennels and cattery which combined with a dog rescue, they accepted local stray dogs and helped to rehabilitate dogs to give them the best chance of finding a new home, this was something I enjoyed and found very rewarding. 

I have had multiple dogs throughout my life, all large breeds that have come from varied backgrounds. They overcame many different fears and troubles whilst with me, which means I will endeavour to help anyone with their pets regardless of their background! My current dogs are Ruby and Storm, Ruby is a mastiff mix and is a constant challenge as she has many fear related issues from her past, but thankfully she is very loveable and eager to learn! Storm was recently rescued from Bosnia as a puppy and we rescued him at 6 months old from a UK kennels as the people who flew him over decided they no longer wanted him. We have faced many issues with Storm, from resource guarding to recall and all things in-between but I love the constant adaptation of training to match his challenges. 

I look forward to meeting you and your pets!

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Andy's Story

Andy joined Siblings Pet Care in 2021 to assist Phoebe with puppy classes. He worked alongside Phoebe with training and assisting with the rehabilitation and training of stray dogs.
When the business structure changed in 2022 due to Adam needing to leave the partnership, it felt the obvious choice for Andy to jump on board as Phoebe's joint partner. 
Andy now is the primary dog walker and pet sitter of Siblings Pet Care so will be the face you mainly see, whilst Phoebe works more behind the scenes or doing training. Andy also assists Phoebe with training sessions when needed. 
Andy's experience is primarily with large breeds, particularly northern breeds. But he loves all dogs of any size, breed and temperament. 

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Adam's Story

When i'm not working i'm walking my own dog Kaya, she is my shadow and comes with me all over the country on different adventures. We love to trek in all different locations and hope to one day travel beyond the UK.

It was on my treks with Kaya that I realised this is what I would like to develop into a career. Myself and Phoebe then decided to put our skills and hobbies together and created Siblings Pet Care in 2018.

I previously volunteered for the RSPCA as a dog walker and kennel assistant, I am trained in pet first aid and DBS checked. 

I sadly had to leave the business as a joint partner in 2022 due to a change in my circumstances but still help cover days when Phoebe and Andy are unavailable. 

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Our Dogs



The giant of the Pack!

Mastiff cross born 2016, Ruby had a rough start in life but this changed when she was welcomed into a new family at Phoebe's house. 

Ruby is still learning every day but has overcome so many struggles that she had previously, she is glued to Phoebe's hip around the house and loves a good cuddle! 



The crazy baby of the pack!

Storm had a really rough start, picked up as a young stray puppy in Bosnia after he sadly witnessed his mother killed by a car. A rescue then brought him to the UK as someone had said they wanted him, to only change their mind on arrival due to his size being larger than expected, this meant he resided in kennels in the UK. 
Phoebe and Andy were made aware of this and went to visit him, to our amazement, Ruby and Storm got on amazing (which is surprising as Ruby can be dog reactive) so we brought him home the same day and haven't looked back! He's doing amazing with his training and loves a cuddle on the sofa!



Adam's Best Friend

Labrador cross born 2012, Adam has had Kaya since she was a puppy. She absolutely loves to exercise whether it be running chasing a ball or on lead treks in different locations. 
Kaya loves to meet other dogs and people and especially loves a belly rub!



The old and wise of the pack!

German Shepherd cross born 2009, Marla was the oldest of the pack and unfortunately passed away in 2021 leaving a big hole in Phoebe's heart. 
She was abandoned as a puppy and rescued by Phoebe and her Father in 2009. She was abandoned without her mother from a young age which created some challenges, which she soon overcame!
Marla sadly developed ill health in 2020 which led to her passing away in 2021 leaving the whole family devastated, Marla taught us everything there is to know about dogs and will be deeply missed.

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